Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Race to Roberto

My former post may have smelled a bit of fashion-snobbery compared to the "how many of us can actually afford Versace so good thing that Arden B made a cheap copy" mentality, however this is not in fact the case. Designers are so esteemed because of their unique creations, and should be allowed to bask in their successes. A better alternative to buying a knockoff dress is to check out fabulous collections at lower price points (they do exist).

Roberto Cavalli may be out of reach to many, but rather than finding a Cavalli frock on the sidewalks of Canal Street, why not get your original Cavalli at H&M? It was officially announced that Roberto Cavalli will team up with the trendy retailer for a temporary collection due November 8th.

If Cavalli maintains his Italian flair in the development of this line, expect desirable pieces at even more desirable prices. With a limited release of the clothing (only 200 stores will house Cavalli’s designs), they are sure to go fast so get your slipdresses and shopping shoes ready to snatch up the new line!

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