Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Party: Marc Jacobs

The Marc Jacobs Park Avenue Armory show and Greenwich Hotel after party were as much about the celebrities as they were about the clothes. Channeling looks from 1930's and 40's Americana, wide legged pants, high waisted skirts, and flattened boater hats filled the runway. Marc muse Posh Spice led the all-star pack to the after party dinner, which included the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Richie, Kanye West, Helena Christensen, Anne Hathaway, Winona Ryder, Jessica Simpson, director Joel Shumacher, Elijah Wood, Kim Raver from Lipstick Jungle, and Rachel Zoe. It wouldn't have been a signature MJ event if everyone could gain access, and a valiant effort by the hard working KCD PR girls explaining that the fire marshall was stopping anyone from coming in, completely failed as onlookers hung around for the entire party.

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