Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Reality Diaries

I'm unofficially sharing with you one of my deepest darkest secrets: I love dramatic, catty, reality television. Call it a guilty pleasure, call it shallow, call it whatever you want, nothing is going to stop me from DVR'ing any show whose title contains the words "The" or "Hills".

My latest pleasure has been relishing in the torturous lives of the cast of The Fashionista Diaries. The show chronicles 6 newly hired, well dressed (suspicious to their access to sponsored sample closets, will investigate later) assistants and the hellish lives they live while working at a Fashion Magazine, PR Company, and Cosmetics Company. The season culminates at the Charlotte Ronson Fashion Week Show where the three companies have to work together to pull off a fashion show. My mission during Fashion Week: meet the flirtatious aspiring designer Andrew and determine sexual orientation.

The season finale has yet to debut, but I got a sneak peek because I was actually at the show during the filming. Not that I'm going to ruin it for other FD fans, but (unfortunately) there were no models falling, no bitch fights between castmates, and no one was sloppy drunk at this show finale. And although I got to sit right in front of Andrew while he was watching the show, professionalism called and I could not get a meet and greet.

I however, am not the type to lose hope. That evening we got behind the ropes at the Charlotte Ronson Afterparty at The Cellar Bar, rubbing shoulders with beautiful models, even more beautiful gay men, and the cast and camera crew of the Fashionista Diaries. Any type of paparazzi or camera crew situation is always awkward in real life since we never see how much space the crew, lighting guy, and microphone guy actually take up, and in this case, at a jam-packed party, it was even more so. Attempt to rub shoulders with Andrew: strike two.

Then, destiny. Leaving the party, no cameras in sight, I bump into Andrew on the sidewalk! We meet, and my gaydar is flashing. He is tres cute and acts exactly like his character, which I guess is good since he plays himself. However, I still cannot pick up on which team he plays for. He is flirtatious (straight) he is wearing a scarf (gay) he has charisma and confidence in front of two random girls (straight) he is wearing an awfully tight pair of jeans (gay) and I just don't know what to think.

We are interuppted by 3 men with cameras, microphones, and a woman with a headset and clipboard. No thank you. I leave without being able to ask him either on a date or to go shoe shopping in the West Village. If anyone knows the real deal with Andrew, please let me know. In the meantime, maybe we will find out on the finale.

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