Friday, September 21, 2007

Fall Trends in February?

An interesting thing about the fashion world is its ability to predict what we (consumers) will be wearing months before we even begin to think about it. Designers are challenged a year or so in advance to create pieces that not only look good, but that can make a shopper feel like he or she was the one that decided they want to dress that way.

In February 2007, the Fashion Week for the fall season showed in New York. There were several trends forecasted to be big six months later. It will be fun to see if these trends actually do begin to happen when I am shopping for my fall wardrobe. The following come from a WWD magazine published on February 9, 2007. Check and see if these styles are what you are wearing now:

- Larger, more structured bags with muted hardware
- Greens dominate, from emerald to olive and sage to aquamarine
- Bracelets and cuffs in leather or metal
- Berry tones jazz up neutrals
- Details like wood, horn, or bone buttons replace heavy embellishment
- Dresses with a Sixties' vibe, big sleeves, and looser cuts in jackets
- High waistlines and Victorian ruffles
- Rich and bold colors, mixed with black and white, and geometric patterns
- Dark denim, floor sweeping dresses, as well as micro mini's
- Comfortable fabrics and easy dressing are in demand
Did these trend predictions hit or miss? We'll see in the coming weeks as the leaves begin to turn...

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