Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys: Upcoming Fall Trends in Menswear

Hot off the runway, here are Fall 2008's upcoming trends for men's wear. New technology is not only allowing leaps in design including screen printing on knits and distressing khakis. (You may question these claims now, but come 2009 I'm sure these trends will have worked their way into societal norms):

- Plaids and Checks, American Apparel basic is out and your inner lumberjack is back
- Shawl Collars – grandpa’s cozy sweater is having a fashion moment in a Hugh Hefner/Nordic aristocrat kind of way
- Khakis - new fits, washes, wrinkle stains that we usually see in denim are bleeding over into other types of pants. Don't write this off too easily, because pre-2000 denim did not boast to these techniques either
- Printed Sweaters – prints can come on more than just tshirts
- Innovative cardigans – asymmetrical, new front cuts, different button styles
- Tuxedo Shirts worn casually as the casual-sportswear/formal lines continue to blur into one another

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