Friday, June 27, 2008

Armani Pens

A collection of limited edition Giorgio Armani pens have been added to the Armani accessories repertoire.

"A handwritten note is today more than ever a sign of etiquette, elegance and sophistication,"
the designer said. "To carry an iconic pen is therefore a symbol of character and style."

The first 199 piece series entitled the Regal Collection will be available starting this month, to be sold individually or in special edition sets featuring ink, envelopes, Armani letterhead, and a handcrafted black lacquered box ($2,922.00). The sets are perfect to write letters home when you are staying in his new Armani residence apartments in Rome, Milan, or Dubai.

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Promotional Pens said...

Wow well if you want to go in high class fashion then you want to go with the Armani Pens. But then again its no Bic to be lost easily! I mean for an investment of $2,922 on a pen might be quite ridiculous then again its a reward to some people. Lawyers doctors and other professionals that may use the pen for the daily use might endulge in a sexy pen luxury :)