Friday, March 7, 2008

Elephants Never Forget

Elegant safari-chic is what we're going for this season and what better way to do it than with elephants, like the ones on this gold plated ring by Palm Beach jewelry.

Elephants typically stand for strength and patience, but mean many things in different cultures. To the Hindu’s, elephant are found in the form of Ganesh who is the god of luck and fortune. In African cultures the elephant stands for patience, dignity, pride, royalty, strength and honor. Asians consider the elephant as a symbol of happiness, longevity, and good luck. Some Asian cultures also believe the elephant is a cosmic creature, and carries the world upon it’s back. The Elephant also has immense determination and loyalty - always standing up for others and always defending members of the group in its natural habitat. With all these amazing qualities and meanings, who wouldn't want to garb themselves in the animal.

Moss Mills and Noir also do beautiful elephant jewelry.

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