Friday, March 7, 2008

Monthly Grocery List: March

People say that working in fashion let alone keeping up with it, might not save you much money (they're right), but it will get you gobs of free stuff and insider tricks as to how to get the most for your already stretched pennies. One of the most delicious secrets I've learned so far is the annual merchandising calendar. This is the schedule of what and when the newest delights hit store floors. Starting now, at the beginning of each month I will post this blessed knowledge to help this world be a better dressed (and more effectively priced) place.

New to Stores in March:
- Sunglasses: the new spring/summer styles hit now, so if you're hesitating on splurging for those oversize Dior's that cover your not-so-tan-because-I-bought-these-glasses-instead-of-going-to-Florida face, don't, because the cream of the crop comes now
- Spring Dresses: start shopping occasion now, before all that's left is a size 12 blue floral
- Early Swim: don't get too excited for bikini weather, I'd wait it out until final deliveries in April or your suit may be out before you even get to use it
- Denim: delivery 2, stock up so you can knock Ms. I-have-hot-new-jeans-in-February out of the water

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