Monday, March 3, 2008

Marc Jacobs Accused of Plaigirism

Marc Jacobs finds himself in a bit of hot water this morning as he is being accused of plagiarizing a scarf design by Goran Olofsson from western Sweden. Olofsson claims that Jacobs copied a design of Olofsson’s grandfather from the 50s which is sold to local visitors as a souvenir. It seems that maybe the designer is spreading his creative energy too thin, relying a bit too much on inspiration rather than good ol' original creation. The facts we found:

Both scarves-which picture scenes for the Linsell area- look identical apart from the writing in the top section - the original says Linsell while the one says Marc Jacobs since 1984.

The original was designed by Gosta (Olofsson’s grandfather) who sold homemade tourist items that he designed himself.

It looks like these souvenirs were taken home by tourists to the United States and somehow found their way to the Marc Jacobs studio. Gosta’s only heir is Goran so he may own the original copyright.

“I would guess that he had about a thousand of these scarves made up,” said Göran. “I wrote at the weekend and am waiting for an answer."

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