Friday, April 11, 2008

Dark Eye Syndrome

A friend asked me why she had bigger than usual bags under her eyes and what she could do about them. To help, I asked her what she did the night before and it went something like "Cup of coffee after work to reenergize, spicy food at Diablo washed down with a few glasses of wine, and went bar hopping until 3 to get up at 8 for work." The answer was clear.

Basically, she hit EVERY target there was to hit on the road to looking terrible. Caffeine, spicy food, and alcohol are all things that cause swelling, puffiness, and flushed skin. The lack of beauty sleep to help fight the puffiness off causes skin to be dehydrated, which then causes it to become thin and bluish, and everyone knows that thin skin makes wrinkles ten times more prominent.

My advice is to use skin brighteners via white birch and mulberry in the ingredients. No time to go to the drug store? Ice cold tea bags for 10 minutes can do wonders. Also, try to wear dark sunglasses to prevent your eyes from squinting, which causes eye fatigue and wrinkles (they also prevent other people from knowing what you did last night). Do all of the above and good-bye puffy eyes!

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