Friday, April 4, 2008

Harajuku Love

Gwen Stefani has made her absolutely adorable Harajuku lovers come to life. The dolls cap off different scents and represent Gwen (The blonde doll "G") and her backup singers Love, Angel, Music, and Baby. Each doll is crafted with a personal mold and hand applied detail, even down to the bow on Angel's dreadlocks.

The scents reflect each girl's personality, which is printed on the box: Love is described as "sweet, caring, free-spirited and always off in her own little world." Lil' Angel is "constantly looking out for others," but is no saint. Music is "always looking to make someone laugh" and is "charismatic." Baby is "enticing in her frilly innocence." (And, naturally, G is the leader of the pack.)Predicted to do $30 million at retail in the first year, get your hands on your Harajuku lover fast.

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