Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vogue: Intern Glory

Excitement stirred for fashionistas-in-training at Vogue yesterday when the interns found out they get an audience with Anna Wintour. Ms. Wintour will share her experience in the journalism industry and even give the girls a little time to ask questions. To make sure they are on top of their game, interns were told to "prepare thoughtful questions" by reading Anna's bio online. Further instructions in the following email floated around:

"The presentation will start promptly at 9:00am. I recommend that everyone is seated in the auditorium by 8:45am in case Anna begins a few minutes early. If the door is closed when you arrive, do not enter because you will have to walk in front of Anna while she is presenting."

Careful little minions, she may bite.


Anonymous said...

that is so hilarious because that is far from true.

s.a.l. said...

Thanks for your comment Anonymous, would love to hear actual story from another point of view, as this came straight from the source!