Tuesday, February 5, 2008

After Party: Charlotte Ronson at Butter

With a +2 in hand, I invite Irina and Sonya to the Charlotte Ronson after party at NY hotspot Butter. Pink Vodka sponsors our fun as we dance around stalking Nicky Hilton and anticipate Marc Ronson's appearance. We get all three sisters and Mommy Ronson, but no Marc (insert sad yet hopeful faces). Around midnight security clears the party but our keen eyes notice that the two VIP tables are not budging. Therefore, neither do we. Shifting to various sides of the room while security ushers us towards the door, we manage to stay and convince people we belong with Charlotte or Nicky. Then the actual party begins.

A touch disappointed there is still no sign or sound indication that Mark Ronson is blessing us with his DJ skills, Sam Ronson and Nick Cannon (random) get on the turntables while show guests and fashion insiders were replaced with hot models and celebrities. Little Sister Annabelle who previously sported a "Say No To Fur" button has shedded the button and is wrapped in a massive white fur jacket. Nicky Hilton who was glued to her blackberry is now chain smoking and having drinks. Charlotte is mingling in the crowd and no longer confined to her VIP table. This is a very different party.
Just as we think something fabulous is about to happen, two massive security guards walk past with no other than mega mogul P.Diddy/Sean Combs. I had a mini heart attack. He sits at a table with someone gorgeous on his side, Ellen Pompeo (who looks like she loves to party) and husband, Miss America, and others in his entourage. Dancing with a Gastineau girl for a minute Diddy accidentally touches my arm (slight faint!). This slight hope at befriending seanjohn makes us dance in front of their table for about an hour, convinced that we did not look like those other desperate girls also dancing in front of their table... although I mean...

Either way, we had a blast, and congratulations to Charlotte, whose show and party both exploded tremendously from last season.

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