Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Show: Charlotte Ronson

If there is someone that can capture celeb interpretations of boho chic it is social butterfly herself, Miss Charlotte Ronson. The front row for her show at the Altman Building on the West side displayed Nicky Hilton (who is air kissing everybody and posing for countless Japanese women and their digital cameras), model Jessica Stam, the girls from WhoWhatWear Daily, and mega retailer execs. Sitting two rows behind Marc Ronson I get the chills (he is so rad) as he sits and chats with his mom former/current socialite Anne-Dexter Jones. She is busy acting fabulous and getting pictures taken of herself taking pictures. I give a quick hug to Aaron Nir and take a seat next to an Ali Hilfiger look alike with an attitude **UPDATE, apparently this really was Ally Hilfiger, probably sporting the attitude from having to sit in the third row); whatever, she is soo not blocking the potential of Marc Ronson bumping into me.

The show was upbeat and the flow was perfectly pitched: plaids, stripes, and lots and lots of casual "I'm not trying but I'm really put together" looks. There was particularly great styling and little sister/posterchild of the brand Annabelle had a couple great cameos down the runway. Two girls to my right were either editors catching trends or they were punching mega shopping orders into their blackberries, and the girls to my left were clearly versed in the social scene at the shows. Very different than the posh crowd I saw at JS, this was more of a downtown cool crew of models or rebellious rockstar kids. The goodie bags are stuffed with stilla cosmetics, save furry animals pamphlets, and a faux leather wallet I'm sure I will be making use of.

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