Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Show: Doo.ri

The fashion crowd here could pass for an art crowd. I am at Milk Studios in Chelsea and 90% of the room is shrouded head to toe in black. Two walls are milky white and the two others made entirely of glass. Four sets of three rows of benches, plus standing, plus photographers section fill the loft space, which seems to exist for nothing other than fashion shows.

The crisp scene feels very elegant and glamorous. Upbeat, not quite Michael Jackson is playing as we all take our seats, and by that I mean I'm leaning against the wall with the other fashion serfs. Sophisticates of the older crowd, lots of suits, perhaps courting investors(?) fill the room. Maybe this famed jersey draper has begun to dip her toes into the more luxurious side of town. Linda Fargo with her meticulously coiffed silver hair is in the front row seated close to Michael Fink. Friend and supporter, designer Erin Fetherson looks on from the third row with her platinum blonde hair.

A white wall in front of a white wall is illuminated from behind like a halo. The beat changes and gets louder as models emerge from behind the wall wearing mink hats, and lots of blacks and greens. Perfectly pitched luxe fabrics and blunt, asymmetric haircuts set a clean and sophisticated tone for the show. Bold greens! Leather pants! Gloves galore! The music transforms once again, becoming mellow and heavy, its the kind of music you think you're hearing when you're drunk, and its making a major impact on the outfits. Another knit hat. Another Mink hat (who actually wears these?). Megawatt size jewelry by Swarovski jazzes up somewhat plain garments (making me wonder how fab they would be without the gem decor). A brilliant Iris Grey Mink shrug was brilliant. Her finale piece was an outfit that comprised a little bit of all the looks, tying together the entire collection. Although I will never look good in a mink hat or kelly green, Doo.ri did gorgeous and luxurious job combining her draping reputation with a bit more structure.

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