Friday, February 1, 2008

Show: Organic Clothing

Organic's design team took the Bryant Park Hotel Loft and transformed it into a stark white, heavenly shelter from the rain. I perched in the front row atop a wooden bench with an organic cotton pad, making me feel down right earthy. They took leaps in making organic textiles look soft and luxurious, however the entire show was a bit all over the place and there is major competition in the eco-friendly industry right now. The 3 jackets were structured and flattering on the impossibly thin models, and were the forte of the show. Skirts displayed thoughtfully placed exposed zippers and cut out details, which was also a nice touch. Women's bottoms however lacked any shape at all, giving them a balloon thighs circa 1984 farmers. Men's clothes were a bit shrunken rounded, and unstructured, not my first choices for the ideal man, no matter how many people say that deconstructed is back in style. I'm all about pro-green clothing, but maybe not until they make my butt look cute.

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