Wednesday, February 20, 2008

P. Diddy is Stalking Me

Dear P. Diddy,
I know you have been tossing and turning over the fact that you couldn't find the courage to say hello to me at Charlotte Ronson's party. I understand, I'm pretty intimidating. But come on, following me to the Lincoln Square movie theater last night? Oh Sean. It is beyond obvious, you have to stop following me around. I know it may have seemed as if I stopped in MY tracks and pulled out my cell phone and giggled when I saw you for the 2nd time in two weeks, but I was really just trying to make it less awkward for YOU. And there's no sense in denying it, but I saw you mouth "hey that asian chick from Butter is at the movies" to the person you were talking to on the phone. If you were even talking to anyone. Its ok, I know I might seem too famous for you, and you really want me to make your band, but why don't you just come say hi, and we can start from there. Besides, I promise if you invite me to your White Party I would at least consider going.
See you around!

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