Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Show: Tory Burch

The atmosphere is sparkling like the champagne in my hand and I the variety of Chanel quilted bags is on par with a sample sale. "I Like Candy" is blaring as I enter the prim, proper, and airbrush tanned gallery at Christie's in Rockefeller Center and am blinded by a massive Tory Burch gold emblem hanging on the wall. In true Tory fashion, these huge symbols hang on each wall as I enter. The crowd is so posh its almost uncomfortable, and I feel like I'm at afternoon tea except that I'm boozing. Designer sighting across the way, Tory Burch is Nicole Richie skinny this week and would be stretching to claim she was more than a kid size ten.

Just when I think this crowd is too chic for drama, across the room I spot: Ex-lover Lance Armstrong eyeing his lady friend from across the room. Tory looks around in an awkward panic while an older looking Tory (everyone here is either an older, younger, or less attractive look alike of the fashion mogul) sweeps in and escorts Mr. Armstrong into a more discreet room.

The show is presentation style, and ten stunning models walk onto an orange hued light up stage showing the cohesion of their outfits. The fall colors she chose are more subdued cool tones but maintaining the staple blacks, creams, silvers, and eggplants. I love a black cardigan with cream horse shadow prints and an eggplant trim black graffiti print cardigan. Second round of models I spot a great quilted brown three quarter jacket and another horse print charmeuse shirt. She tries a new T logo that is reminiscent of the Fendi F on a large handbag that works pretty well. Gorgeous boots and shoe line makes me wonder who handles her licensing. The clothes are much more subtle with the logo than most boutiques ever make her seem. The pieces have a certaom maturity and sophistication; it is clear she is growing as a designer.

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