Friday, February 8, 2008

Show: Cynthia Rowley

The already fairytale-like Gotham Hall turned even more so at the Cynthia Rowley show last night. The MisShapes DJ'ed psychedelic sounds while people took their stadium seats sipping on personal bottles of Prosseco or Fiji. As the lights dim, a giant white wall fell open to a crash as a navy blue forest appeared pop up book style. Through the trees emerged ethereal models wearing long sleeved, floor length dresses in navy blue. The girls had massively teased hair and floated up and down the runway in flowy chiffon and silk. The colors transitioned into purples and the materials into fur and metallics. A notable brown, half sleeve leather jacket is worn over a long chiffon dress. A flower print gives the otherwise solid line some texture, and a long grey coat held its shape considering the deconstructed trend of the season. All in all, fall seems to be the season to cover up from head to toe, but show a bit of skin through sheer patches and side cutouts.

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